October 25, 2012

This 5-minute video was made for a class project, and it's a gem: "Seeking God in the Quiet"...

"For my final project for Sr. Mary Anne Linder's Catechetics class, we had to take one of the letters from C.S. Lewis's Screwtape Letters and rewrite it in a unique way. I decided to put together a stop-motion video highlighting some of the themes in Letter VII. In my presentation, I show a multi-media user who is busy watching TV, playing games, checking facebook, and talking on the phone ... all at one time!"


  1. Bravo!! Very well done! This brought tears to my eyes. Thanks be to God for catechists like Sr. Mary Anne Linder.

  2. I'm sending this to my son, daughter and other family and friends (and, I'm going to watch it again myself as I need to be "set free" as well...).

    Thank you

  3. This is an excellent example of New Evangelization. Wish more and more of our media conscious laity follow this example. Fr. Dr. Elias Rodrigues, India