October 28, 2012

Why must we evangelize? Because Hell is real, and many people go there...

Ralph Martin, an official expert at the synod on the new evangelization, talks about restoring the church's missionary zeal. For more information, click here: http://www.eerdmans.com/Products/6887/will-many-be-saved.aspx


  1. Really? Really? Is he SO blind he cannot see the fruits of Vatican II? The Church was doing fine until V2. Along comes V2 and the Catholic Church virtually disappears in Europe and America. The solution? According to our dear presenter, MORE V2. How about a giant leap BACK, toward more traditionalism, back to what WORKED. Please? Please? Pretty please???

  2. By the time Vatican II took place Europe was already on a path toward faithlessness. The traditionalism that was lost was not the faith, but just the habits of past age. Cultural manifestations of Catholicism of 17th century Europe would not have been the same of cultural Catholicism of 3rd century Egypt. Don't muddy the water with logically fallacious comments. The true "Traditions" of the faith are still as strong as ever, but people are still as sinful as ever.

  3. What about lay distribution of Communion, Communion standing as opposed to kneeling, the priest saying Mass turned away from the altar, etc? (And these practices weren't even dictated by the Council!) These are not cultural changes, but a compromise of traditions which pointed us toward deep theological truths. Why do you think there is such a tragic number of Catholics now who do not believe in the Real Presence? A restoration of reverence is greatly needed.

  4. I believe we must put our trust in CHRIST! He will take care of everything, in His own time. Also, I believe the Second Vatican Council should really be studied by us in this "Year of Faith". It will open our eyes, minds, and hearts. After all, in order to change the culture, we have to change our hearts.

    Peace to you all.

  5. 1. If you read the actual DOCUMENTS you find orthodoxy. Division from both sides is from heretics claiming the "spirit of Vatican 2".

    2. If the church was so strong before, why did that have such a devastating effect? The church was not strong, the laity were robots who did whatever the parish priest said without understanding or even real, deep faith. So when a heretical bishop came along, the priests turned around. And turned their parishioners around.

    3. John Paul 2 will be canonized and probably declared a doctor. He said Vatican 2 was God's gift to the church. Feel free to trash him as stupid, an idiot, or whatever, but then discard all his teachings as foolish and his example as a facade.