October 31, 2013

Must-watch video: 10-month-old baby cries tears of joy at sound of mother's singing

She's was only ten months old when this video was taken. Her reaction is priceless...


  1. This follows on from a report from Finland that babies remember music which they heard in the womb. It has long been recognised that music and its appreciation is something which is learned at a very young age.
    This is a story which relates to myself:-
    When I was very young there was no TV but we did have a radio and my mother would switch it on during the day. She told me that I ran crying to her saying "Mummy, Mummy, It's that Jessie woman". I wanted her to turn the radio off because a singer called Jessie Matthews was singing on the radio and I could not stand her voice. I hated it! What exactly was it that I hated? She had one of those wobbly voices that does not hit the note cleanly, clearly and precisely but wobbles all around it. I hated such voices then and I have never, in 79 years, changed my opinion of such singers!
    Unfortunately there is such a lady who sings in the church which I attend and she thinks that she is the bee's knees! I still hate those voices...but I don't hate the person, I must hasten to add!

  2. I am not sure those are tears of joy at all. Its a sad song and its tone is sad. The baby is crying because of sadness. Its why his mother has to comfort him at the end. I don't like it. This is a special and sensitive baby. His mom needs to sing happy songs. He has the rest of his life to suffer the bitter harvest of the World.