December 6, 2013

Why does God let us suffer?

Jesus didn't suffer so we wouldn't have to. Jesus suffered so we'd know how to. So even when you're in the darkest moments of life, when you just want to cry out to God, do you know where He is? He's on the Cross right next to you, saying...


  1. Human suffering is permitted by God to give us spiritual opportunites. Perhaps the Blessed Virgin Mary, whom Jesus loved the most, suffered more than anyone else. John the Baptist, whom Jesus said was the best, got his head chopped off. Why pick on them? Opportunity for spiritual growth. God loved OJ so much He gave him new surroundings for spiritual opportunity, not to punish him. We have life on earth so that we may have spiritual choices. Jesus said His kingdom was not of this world, so do not fret that life on earth does not feel like heaven.

  2. I believe God presents challenges for us so we can grow. Sometimes that includes suffering, but how we respond to it is more important.