July 19, 2015

The problem(s) of morality in video games

The problems of incorporating morality into video games is more complex than other forms of media. In this video we look at how having to anticipate player interaction causes complications for designers.

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  1. Subscribed. So glad this channel exists.

    Question, do you think video games can create a real instance of morality? Really good single player RPGs may sometimes give the player enough unbiased agency to make a simulated (or procedural or organic) moral choice, which is awesome (and does happen), but I think games can go even further.

    Ever played EVE Online? That game is practically a social experiment. Moral choices are everywhere, and since they are largely based on the interactions between actual players, they are, in a sense, real. A player can be part of a massive organization of other players and then screw them all over by selling their secrets for profit. Everyone in the game world has to deal with the consequences of that now.

    Furthermore, that is a fantastic game design choice. EVE is massively popular. Also, it doesn't play havoc with the narrative because it is the narrative. There is a deep lore to the world, but the player is free to interact with that world however they wish, just as they would in real life.

    Interested to hear your thoughts.