August 31, 2016

TEDx Talk: Why nuns don't have midlife crises

J. E. Sigler is a graduate student and instructor of public speaking in the Communication Department at Virginia Tech. Her research practically applies the philosophies of J. L. Austin and Nicholas Wolterstorff to pin down the concrete ways in which God communicates to individuals, particularly how He communicates His call to religious vocations.


  1. She's talking as if "silence" alone is enough. The pregnant silence isn't empty. It's not some solipsistic secularistic fetishized Buddhistic "meditation" - silence is the medium of prayer, of God. Silence will be either empty or full, you'll either be alone or accompanied. The first is without grace, the second is grace sought and received. She's emasculating the message for those who will not understand.

  2. As a sister for the past 42 years I have found this presentation very interesting. I had wanted to be a sister since I was 7 years old. I just knew that God was calling out to me to do this with my life. The first time I entered religious life I was 15 and was just as fulfilled as I am now after these 42 years. There was a 6 year hiatus between age 18-24 (long story). But when I found the order to which I was being called there was no turning around.
    Your observations about discernment is just excellent. Many vocation directors should benefit from such a clear cut presentation to those who are discerning.
    Thank you for pulling this all together in a wonderful way.
    May God bless you and may His Light shine upon you and give you peace.

  3. JMJ When I click on the video (before clicking the video I see 4 different pictures depicting me) I have difficulty understanding her speaking. I have New hearing aids, I hear my neighbor who lives next door to me Loud and clear same with videos just have a problem understanding her during her talk. Oh well.