February 1, 2018

Watch how fast this priest screams through town on his Graziella folding bike

The Church in Rimini, Italy, is really going downhill, but that's not necessarily a bad thing...


  1. Ack! Where's his helmet?? Father, there's a priest *shortage*, you know!

    1. helmets are a very recent thing, up next is the foam tootsie roll around the entire body, lest someone get hurt. Not quite as exciting watching folk get rolled downhill, but, if it saves just one life. After all, life is not about adventure or the wind in your hair, but is simply mainly about staying safe in a cocoon and making the dull and flavorless existence last for as long as possible. WAIT...that is "hell"!...wow, somebody needs to tell that to all those college students!

      Meanwhile, relax, and watch "Breaking Away".

  2. No way that galero could could stay on his head!

  3. Impressive ride, but was he really a priest?

  4. Love it! Way to make sure you are on time! And this is what we need more of, Priests who are willing and able to take it to the masses!
    Brave Padre!