May 5, 2020

The Holy Rosary and the Imitation of Christ

Why must we “supplement our faith with virtue,” as 2 Peter 1:5 says? Why does virtue matter? Dr. Matthew Tsakanikas explains...


  1. I would make a distinction between how much time I take eating food and how much time I pray. I eat quickly and the eating part is easy. I spend way more time preparing the food I'm going to eat. I think it more accurate to compare the time it takes to preparing the food before you consume it to how much time you pray before you consume Jesus and allow Jesus to consume you. The consuming part is quick and easy the preparing part not so much.

    1. Distinct does not necessarily mean separate. The movements of prayer before, during, and after food preparation as well as before, during, and after consumption ought to be considered an integral whole with distinct parts, some able to occur simultaneously.