August 28, 2020

Amazing flying macro zoom effect with various household objects

Macrofying looks at basic objects in microscopic zoom, using different lenses and editing to create a zoom effect...


  1. z_(n+1)=(z_n)^2+c

  2. Always an interesting effect. The best version I've seen dates back 50 years to a dedicated mini-theatre at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, Canada. That version (which someone captured on YouTube at also shows a zoom out effect, calibrated so that the distance shown expands one power of 10 for each 10 seconds, along with the effect on the traveller's time clock relative to Earth that occurs at the speeds necessary to do that. Eventually the trip is reversed and the film zooms in on to the "unimaginably dense" nucleus of a carbon atom. Future versions of this film had better graphics but dropped the time references, which always wowed me on every trip to the Science Centre.