April 13, 2021

Must-watch: No matter what you think about masks, here’s something every Christian needs to remember...

This year has woken us all up to the reality of our mortality, which is not an altogether bad thing. It's also forced us to do a lot of things to sacrifice for the good of others, which is also not a bad thing. During the first lockdown I spent a lot of time really locked down to protect my parents who were living with us — and however this pans out, I know that when I stand before God I'm not going to regret having done that, because I did it out of love. But as we come out of this pandemic I want to tell you where I stand with the whole face-covering issue — but more importantly, a concern I have about people's spiritual health...


  1. You have it. It's not our place to judge nor is it our place to capitulate. If evil is really behind all this, as some believe, hating only profits evil. Respect is the first step toward love and they'll know we are Christians by our love. I don't force my way on others. Others have no ground to force their way on me.

  2. Amen and well said, brother. Let's walk in prudence, but not in fear, and show mercy as we've received mercy.