May 13, 2021

An interview with Bishop Robert Barron about the saints

Welcome back to “Fun Facts About Saints.” We have a very special guest with us in this episode, as we welcome Bishop Robert Barron from Los Angeles, California. Bishop Barron will tell us a little bit about himself and answer questions like, “What is your definition of a saint?” and “Why are the saints important?” He also reveals who some of his favorite saints are...


  1. I can't leave a comment on Youtube, but I want to say Nick did a great job on this interview, asking questions that need to be asked.
    Many people are too afraid to ask the big, fundamental questions, and you hit this one out of the park, Nick!

  2. Way to go Nick! You are an excellent interviewer, and I know as I used to teach in the communication department at a state university! Looking forward to your next interview. :-)

  3. Nice job Nick. Keep up the good work. I really enjoyed your program.