August 17, 2021

This lawsuit is seeking to END America’s religious colleges and universities

America was built on the promise of religious liberty for all, but a new lawsuit filed by an activist group threatens to radically undermine this bedrock principle.

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  1. "Although the name university is sometimes given to the celebrated schools of Athens and Alexandria, it is generally held that the universities first arose in the Middle Ages. For those that were chartered during the thirteenth century, dates and documents can be accurately given; but the beginnings of the earliest are obscure, hence the legends connected with their origin: Oxford was supposed to have been founded by King Alfred, Paris by Charlemagne, and Bologna by Theodosius II (A.D. 433). These myths, though they survived well on into modern times, are now generally rejected, and the historian's only concern with them is to discover their sources and trace their development. It is known, however, that during the eleventh and twelfth centuries a revival of studies took place, in medicine at Salerno, in law at Bologna, and in theology at Paris."

    Pace, Edward. "Universities." _The Catholic Encyclopedia_. Vol. 15. New York: Robert Appleton Company, 1912. 28 Aug 2021 . Accessed 28 Aug 2021.