August 10, 2022

Here is the real reason young people are leaving the Faith

Marriage rates are plummeting. Faith in Jesus Christ has taken a nosedive. Are these related? What can we do to fix it? J.P. DeGance explains...


  1. Also needs, as a corollary, better support for those who have been the subject of divorce or separation through no fault of their own.

    1. All well and good to advocate for divorcee support. But just remember, the children of the divorce are the first and most innocent victims. Victims which the Church hardly acknowledges.

    2. Yes, Anonymous. Children of divorce are almost always left out of the equation! Children are mistakenly thought to be “resilient”—divorce doesn’t really affect them that much.

      However, a priest/psychologist on Catholic radio recently, brilliantly stated: “When parents divorce, they take the cross they refuse to carry and place it on their children. Let that sink in.

  2. The Real World first broadcast on MTV on May 21, 1992.

    The Summer Solstice of 1969 occurred on June 21.

    Sigmund Freud passed away on September 23, 1939.

    Marx and Engels coauthored the Communist Manifesto in 1848, three years after Engels published "The Condition of the Working Class in England."

    Arnold Toynbee marks 1760 as the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

    In 1533, Henry VIII divorced Catherine of Aragon.

    Contrary to the practices of Henry VIII and those who came after him as regards their destruction of any and all historically verifying records, the Vatican's Apostolic Archives preserves the documents, with the day's plethora of official wax seals from the British nobility, as the indicting evidence that serves as verification of their infidelity to this day.

  3. I have been looking for the reasons. This one makes more sense than others. I have a parish in Nevada and am a Priest (ROCOR). I can access 30 parishes today ... and podcast it too this weekend. Thanks