August 4, 2022

Viral video: Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life uses simple logic to shut down a pro-abortion activist

If you advocate for abortion, you should at least know whether the being in the womb is alive or not...


  1. In mammals, sperm recognizes and binds to ZP3 glycoprotein of the zona pellucida. ... The sperm reaching the transparent zone is connected via SED1 protein to ZP3. As a result of irreversible binding of the sperm to the egg, the zona pellucida triggers the acrosome reaction.

    Google it for citation.


    1. Or, cite Psalm 139, which David wrote in ancient Israel.(no Google).
      Vss. 13-16 contain a sketch of the basics of conception and embryonic development, including the concept of a new unique human produced out of the combining of the DNA of the parents.
      It's alive and complete after conception, it will develop into a living human at birth.
      IF it is left alone to do so.

  2. The student's argument is immature since she goes off topic a number of times instead of offering her logical reasons for her argument. As a child arguing with friends and being on the losing end I would respond "O your mother wear combat boots" And that was sufficient. Just like the student's last response - why? Why this...? It had nothing AR all to do with the argument .