October 7, 2022

Peter Kreeft and Jordan Peterson: How to combat hedonism with personal sacrifice

Dr. Peter Kreeft and Dr Jordan B Peterson discuss spiritual endeavor, delving deep into where we came from as a religious species, where we are now in the age of technology, and how we battle hedonism with personal sacrifice.


  1. "What do you think about Jordan Peterson?" Question always asked of the man new to the group when one of the long-standing conservatives in the group hears even one phrase that doesn't sound consistent with his expectations of the presently circulating conservative sound bites...especially when the inconsistent sounding phrase was even more conservative than the present conservative rhetoric. When the response to this particular political test is again even more conservative and also intellectually supported with reason which also includes biographical facts from Jordan Peterson's life and academic publications, the long standing conservative member of the group will then attempt to discredit the new member of the group by suggesting there are details of Peterson's biography different than those provided and especially which are painted to incite and emotionally insulted response from the new even more conservative, well spoken, and respectful member of the group.

  2. JP support same-sex marriage abd them adopting children which is the most antitethical thing to the nuclear family. Hence, he conserve nothing but destroy that which is most basic because he doesn't belive in Bkessed Trinity whereby the family is its earthly mirror of that Unchanging Reality.