January 12, 2023

‘We are not in a nightmare. We’re in a love story.’ — Chris Stefanick powerfully sums up the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ in 70 seconds

We are made in the image and likeness of God. Now this love story takes a tragic turn when something’s made for one purpose and is used for something else. When my kids use the microwave as a fork warmer, what happens? Things get broken. We’re made by God, for God. We chose not God in the first pages of the Bible, so what happened? We got broken. But did he leave us there in our brokenness? No! Bbecause we are not in a nightmare — we’re in a love story. God the Father sent God the Son, Jesus Christ, to save us in the midst of our sin...

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  1. Well done Real Life Catholic, Chris Stefanik. Keep it real.