February 13, 2023

‘A Day in Pompeii’ isn’t about just a day in Pompeii — it’s about THAT day in Pompeii

This simulation was created for ‘A Day in Pompeii,’ a wildly popular exhibition held at Melbourne Museum in 2009...

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  1. Excavations of Pompeii have reportedly uncovered numerous remains of infants buried under the frame of the front entry of the residences.
    Exactly which of the ancient cultic worships may have been the cause of the practice remains a matter of speculation. How widespread similar practices were around the Mediterranean remains no matter of speculation. At best, we can say there was a reason Abraham's hand over Isaac was stayed on the mountain top for the good of all those called out of polytheism. At worst, we can say that the residents of Pompeii met a fate they themselves had been visiting upon their own family members already.