February 26, 2023

From the Dominican House of Prayer, a Catholic Response to the Asbury Revival

From Dominican Father Ignatius Schweitzer...


  1. Thank you for telling us the thoughts from a Catholic respective.
    What is happening in Asbury makes me think of the story of Pope Leo 13th. He prayed for renewal in the Catholic Church and it came to Asuza Street and the Pentecostal church started. It took another 60 odd years come to the RC Church. Let us pray we may experience the revival outpouring in our Church in our life time.

  2. Thank you Father for your loving, engaging response. I graduated from Asbury College a few decades ago, came into the Catholic Church twenty five years ago.
    Asbury has always maintained a spirit of humility. Asburians have been praying for a revival for years. The Administration on down truly seek to do God’s will in everything they do. During the revival there were evangelical “leaders” “publicity seekers,” Asbury wanted no part of it. They were focused on the students, their needs, remaining humble and keeping Christ the focus. They were in constant prayer about how long it should continue. They were very sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. I was privileged to sit in on one Prayer meeting call with the President, a couple of Admin. and three people chosen to pray. I was absolutely blown away by everyone.
    May we all in the Catholic Church have such a humble, profound love for our God.

    1. Yet the prophecy of our Lord was to preach the gospel [good news] of his Father's kingdom. Mt 24;14
      Can't be done as per his vision stated there, by people attending a "revival", can it?
      Per Mt 28:19,20 it's a vast fount of knowledge. Much study required. (About 3 1/2 years with the best of teachers, as the record has it.)
      Then practice preaching, again under the same teacher.

      Early in Matthew's account we learned to pray for that Kingdom to come - "on earth, as it is in heaven". Now it's time to stop praying, and prepare our disciples for the great changes they must make to qualify to live in the restored Paradise soon to come.

  3. Wonderfully faithful and ecumenical & charitable response.