January 28, 2024

What did Archbishop Fulton Sheen mean by the ‘Ape of the Church?’ Is it happening now?

There’s an expression (“Ape of the Church”) that seems to be getting more and more attention these days. It was coined by Archbishop Fulton Sheen to describe what the Church teaches about a final deception that the faithful will have to endure before the second coming of Jesus. He called it the “Ape of the Church,” which would be an apocalyptic counterfeit Church inaugurated by the Antichrist.


  1. Another reverberating echo of the revealed truth from Brian Holdsworth. I have not seen one of his videos for some years now. Always pleased to see others reference Saint Fulton of Peoria's preaching, too.

  2. this is a time of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving...

  3. Vatican II is a major church council dealing with the wounds of world war II wear the whole world, Japan, Germany, Italy, Britain, America and others needed to come to the church for healing.