November 1, 2012

Without religion, there would be no liberty...

It was with barely concealed delight that Chicago Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg reported the findings of the Pew Forum study that talked about the rise of "Nones" in America -- those who claim no particular religious affiliation. He further crowed that an awful lot of the younger contingent seemed to be more and more unaffiliated with any religion.


  1. The Middle East, India, and other parts of Asia have plenty of "religion".

  2. tz -
    1) Not all religions are the same.
    2) Explore the difference between "Necessary" and "sufficient".

  3. At first I thought he said "Nuns on the Rise." :)

    When "radical enlightenment" thinkers describe religion as a hobby, they are trying to redefine it as a mere form of worship: something that takes place behind closed doors amongst consenting adults and not with children present.

    I have been VERY disappointed to hear people US Government figures like Hillary Clinton talking more about freedom of worship than freedom of religion

    One small step in the right direction would be for people of faith to understand that the word religion is not and should not be toxic. It's not bad or irrational to be religious. Religion means how you bind yourself to your God who is your conception of Goodness, through your words and deeds.

    Take back the word religion!