January 19, 2013

What spiritual classic books should every Catholic read?

Go to the masters, of course. Go back to Origen, Irenaeus, and anything by Augustine -- especially the Confessions and the City of God. Read also the sermons of John Chrysostom and Jerome's biblical commentaries. Anything written by Maximus the Confessor and Gregory of Nyssa is wonderful.


Mariusz Wesolowski said...

As always, a very good advice but I wonder about the absence from this list of "The Imitation of Christ" - the Catholic bestseller par excellence for centuries, second in popularity only to the Bible?

Vince said...

"The Everlasting Man". Rather than dwelling on subtle theological points, Chesterton simply puts everything in perspective. EVERYTHING. At which point the subtle theological points are all validated pretty much beyond question.

Nathaniel M. Campbell said...

I would add a least one of the great holy women whose insights to the faith are so creative, wholesome, and orthodox: perhaps our newest Doctor of the Church, St. Hildegard of Bingen?