May 22, 2013

The last days of Zach Sobiech (1995-2013)

Zach Sobiech is a 17 year old who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. With only months to live, Zach turned to music to say goodbye. Zach turned 18 years old on May 3. He died two weeks later and his funeral is scheduled for May 23 at the Church of St. Michael in Stillwater, Minnesota.


  1. The love of this family is wonderful. Their loss is tragic, but they bear their grief together. For me the greatest tragedy is that Zach seemed to have gone to eternity so ill-prepared, so devoid of the Gospel. We must share the good news of Jesus!

  2. Deepoctave,

    As much as I completely agree that we must share the Good News of Jesus, I think you should read these before you say he "seemed to have gone to eternity so ill-prepared, devoid of the Gospel" :

    Granted you did say "seemed," but I think before saying anyone goes to their grave seemingly devoid of the Gospel, one should really look into the individual person upon whom one makes that assumption. Indeed, it would be more prudent to not even mention the state of one's soul at their death. We must spread the Gospel, but do we accomplish that goal by making judgments on the state of another's soul?

    Also, it seems to me that the production company who made this video is not religious. So, it would make sense that they don't focus on that aspect of his life.

  3. The above post was from me, I don't know why it used that weird long number/letter thing. I didn't want it to be anonymous.

  4. Aussie Tom Lif can be long and wasted short and Fruitful