September 15, 2018

You’ve never heard of her, but you’ve heard her — Carole Kaye, rock’s most prolific session musician

From the Beach Boys to the Brady Bunch, the unknown Carol Kaye can be heard on thousands of songs...


  1. Carol Kaye was one of the L.A. session musicians that have come to be called The Wrecking Crew and that included Don Randi, Al De Lory, C Bill Pitman, Tommy Tedesco, Irving Rubins, Roy Caton, Jay Migliori, Glen Campbell, Hal Blaine, Steve Douglas, Joe Osborn, Ray Pohlman and others.
    Kaye was the only female member of the group.

  2. Interesting. Similiarly, I was flipping around on YouTube for some old MoTown stuff and 'discovered' the Funk Brothers. They were studio musicians extraordinaire who were a very big part of many No.! hits in the 60's and early seventies.

  3. There is a wonderful documentary out in 2008 on the Wrecking Crew. Definitely worthwhile!