September 1, 2018

Video: Pope Francis greets Archbishop Viganò at a June 21, 2013, meeting

In his document accusing Pope Francis of knowing about and ignoring allegations of sexual misconduct by then-Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick, the former papal nuncio to the U.S., Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, said that at the end of a meeting June 21, 2013, “The pope wished to greet all the nuncios one by one. In single file, I remember that I was among the last. When it was my turn, I just had time to say to him, ‘I am the nuncio to the United States.’ He immediately assailed me with a tone of reproach, using these words: ‘The bishops in the United States must not be ideologized! They must be shepherds!’” The following video clip from the Vatican Television Center archives shows Archbishop Vigano greeting Pope Francis that day. The abrupt cut in the video is part of the archival copy; CNS did not edit it.

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  1. Natuarally, the only thing released by the Vatican is an obscure Rorschach test video clip, which even Viganò has stated it was SOP to stop filming during personal cooments....Viganò only ommitted standard opening formalities and every other detail checks out, his place in line, the book under arm, and the pope telling him what the churches really need is a CUT....but, you can see Viganò recoil and swallow hard at the change to hard eyed demeanor of pope who struggles to maintain fake smile before he lets it drop, and begins laying into him.