July 8, 2020

Why didn’t the Spanish colonies in America become a single country like the United States did?

The colonies of Spain spanned most of the Americas, yet for some reason they became a hodgepodge of independent countries, rather than a federal union like the United States. So, what prevented the emergence of a Spanish American Union?


  1. The system of vice-royalties and that most of the revolutionary leaders (Miranda, Bolivar, San Martin, O'Higgins, etc...) where members of masonic leagues following a political, secularistic and economic vision concocted in Victorian England played a role.

  2. The Unknown contributor is partly right, partly self-contradicted. This is the case with most historians commenting on the political/economic evolution of the former world-wide Spanish empire. The main reason for this confused perception and the inability of the emerging nations to unify is the deliberate ignorance of the cultural foundations brought to the Western Hemisphere by the Spanish and the British Crowns. The closest we can come to an easy explanation of "what prevented the emergence of a Spanish American Union?" is to familiarize yourself with the influence "The Black Legend" and the reign of Henry VIII had on the development of the nations of the "New World". Gonzalo T. Palacios, author of VENEZUELA XXI, La Revolucion de la Estupidez.