April 27, 2021

Can you be “spiritual but not religious?” Can you be a good person without God?

Lots of people have asked the question, “Can’t I be a generally good person without caring about the whole religion thing?” I’m not talking about atheists who have asked the big questions in life and landed on conclusions I disagree with. I’m talking about the countless people who care more about things like Tik Tok than about the big questions in life...


  1. I've been hearing in 12 Step meetings since I got involved in 1988 the mantra "I'm spirtual not religious." Quite a few who claim this do so because they reject God's guidance on livivng a virtous & moral life. In short, they want a god (emphasise on little "g")that will not question thier sexual behavior.

  2. Great analogy. A child can be a very good person but if they never express any appreciation for gifts there is something deficient in their goodness. They would be even better, and happier, if they learned to be grateful.