May 12, 2023

Watch this spectacular Saturn V launch video with enhanced sound, courtesy of a NASA videographer and a Hollywood audio engineer...

The videographer writes: “I edited this a few years ago when I worked as a NASA Videographer. We, at the Marshall Space Flight Center, spent years converting the original 16mm, 35mm and 70mm films to digital. As a side project, I decided to make the ultimate Saturn V launch and I spent weeks picking the best shots. I know it launches slower than in real life but I wanted you all to be able to lovingly relish each amazing angle. After it was done, I sent it to a friend of mine in Hollywood who is a re-recording audio engineer who has worked on almost 150 films and he added the awesome audio to the silent original films.”


  1. One awesome video! Great editing job showing the complexity of what is going on as the Saturn V gets off the pad!

  2. The higher the highs the lower the lows.

    These are exciting times we've been living in, indeed.

  3. Well, it didn't destroy the launchpad sending concrete fragments to destroy its own boosters like SpaceX Starship recently did.

    Good work scientists, engineers, camera crews, and video editor.